What Are Percentages?


Visual representation of a Percentage.

In the applet below, the default number whose percentage is dispalyed is 600, and the percentage is 50.

  • Check the Answer box to see what is 50 percent of 600. ​
  • Confirm that the colored rectangle displays the percentage. ​
  • Move the Percentage slider back and forth and observe that the answer changes depending on the instantaneous percentage value. The result is also reflected on the rectangle. ​
  • Change the Amount and play around with the Percentage slider as you observe the changes in the rectangle.


Find the value of the Whole.

In this game, you and an opponent take turns rolling a random percent (between 5 and 25). 

  • Start by clicking on. The player with the lower percent takes their percentage first, then the other player. (If the percentages are a tie, the player with the lower total takes first.) ​
  • Click again. The player with the lower percent takes their percent first.​
  • Keep going till someone wins! You can play this game with dice and paper by rolling 4 dice to find your percentages and following these rules. Have fun!


Define Percentage in Terms of US Coins.

After identifying the US coins below, use the two bars to answer the questions that follow.

The value of a quarter is 25% of the value of a dollar because there are 25 cents for every 100 cents.

Write the name of the coin that matches each expression below.

(1). 25% of a dollar.

(2). 5% of a dollar.

(3). 1% of a dollar.

(4). 100% of a dollar.

(5). 10% of a dollar.

(6). 50% of a dollar.

(7). The value of 6 dimes is what percent of the value of a dollar?

(8). The value of 6 quarters is what percent of the value of a dollar?

(9). Find two different sets of coins that each make 120% of a dollar, where no type of coin is in both sets.



3 tacos cost $18. Complete the table to show the cost of 4, 5, and 6 tacos at the same rate.

If you buy t tacos for c  dollars, what is the unit rate?