Solving Rate Problems


Activity #1

Compare Rates

Wild animals from around the world wanted to hold an athletic competition, but no one would let them on an airplane. They decided to just measure how far each animal could sprint in one minute and send the results to you to decide the winner.

  • Study the table below and answer the questions that follow.​

  • Here is a polygon. Decompose this polygon so that its area can be calculated. All measurements are in centimeters.

Activity #2

Compare Values in a Table

A table is a proportion if there is a common factor that relates the x value and the y value. In other words, if x doubles, y also doubles. When the points are plotted on a graph and connected, they form a straight line.

  • In the following exercise, study the values in each table and say if they form a proportion.
  • Click “Hide/Show the line.”
  • Then click to keep practicing.

Activity #3

Proportion and Fractions with Bicycle Gears

  • Use the blue dot on the bicycle to pedal back and forth.
  • Move the blue and red sliders to shift gears.
  • Answer the questions below.

(1.) How does the size of the front and back gear wheels affect the bicycle motion?

(2.) Which combination would you use to go fast downhill?

(3.) Which combination would you use to climb up a steep hill?

Quiz Time