Percentages and Tape Diagrams


In the following warmup exercise, you are going to solve each problem on the card mentally before you click on to see the answer. After that, click to move forward. You can use to navigate backward.

Activity #1

More Exercises on Percentage Calculations

To express your answer as a fraction, use the calculator that pops up in the lower left corner of the applet when you click inside the box. If your answer is close, move on to the next question.

  • Read the question and do the calculations on a sheet of paper. ​Use the applet below if you need help.
  • To enter the answer as a fraction, click inside the answer box. A calculator will pop up. if it doesn’t, click on its icon.
  • Make sure that the number keyboard is selected.
  • Click on and enter your fraction; (numerator and denominator).
  • Click off to hide the calculator.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Click .

Use this applet for assistance.

Activity #2

Investigating Part, Whole, and Percentage.

  • With 800 as the first whole number, find by calculation, the value of p the makes the red part. You can click to add a grid to the diagram.
  • Check the box to verify your answer.
  • Now, drag the red part to obtain a different value.
  • Calculate the new value of p and verify your answer.
  • Obtain 6 different values of p and verify your answers.
  • Feel free to practice with as many whole numbers as you can.

Activity #3

Compare Amounts Using Fractions

  • Read the questions below and answer each using the applets provided.

(1.) Noah has $5. Elena has 40% as much as Noah. How much does Elena have?

(2.) Noah has $5. Diego has 150% as much as Noah. How much does Diego have?

Quiz Time