Measuring with Different-Sized Units


Activity #1

Measuring with Different-Sized Units.

  • Check each box below to measure the item on the scale.​
  • Record the weights in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms.

Activity #2

Explore Temperature Conversion Scale.

  • Slowly pull the slider to the right to create a graph of the conversion of temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Use the Point tool to mark the points where the line crosses the axes.
  • Use the Text tool , to insert the coordinates of the points D (50, 10) and E (5, -15). See the example of the point (78.1, 25.6).
  • Answer the questions below.

(1.) Write down 2 other coordinates on the graph.

(2.) what is the significance of points on the line that are below the x-axis?

(3.) At what point on the x axis do you expect freezing to take place in degrees Fahrenheit?

(4.) When the temperature of the Fahrenheit scale is 0 degrees, what will be the corresponding temperature in degree Celsius?

Activity #3

Application of Ratio to Solve Problems.

Noah bought 15 baseball cards for $9.00. Assuming each baseball card costs the same amount, answer the following questions.

(1.) At this rate, how much will 30 baseball cards cost? Explain your reasoning.

(2.) At this rate, how much will 12 baseball cards cost? Explain your reasoning.

(3.) Do you think this information would be better represented using a table or a double number line? Explain your reasoning.

Jada traveled 135 miles in 3 hours. Andre traveled 228 miles in 6 hours. Both Jada and Andre traveled at a constant speed.

(1.) How far did Jada travel in 1 hour?

(2.) How far did Andre travel in 1 hour?

(3.) Who traveled faster? Explain your reasoning.

Quiz Time