Finding This Percent of That


Activity #1

Estimate and Locate the Percent of a Number on a line (Game).

  • Start the game at Level 1.
  • Read the problem.
  • Make an estimate of where you think the percentage point will be on the line.
  • Then move the red diamond to your estimated point, and click . You’ll get a feedback suggesting that you adjust your guess if it wasn’t accurate.
  • To adjust your guess, move the green diamond with the help of the now calibrated line, to a more accurate location.
  • Then click . Then you’ll get a feedback on how you did, in the two attempts.
  • Click to continue. A new calibrated line appears below.
  • Read the new question.
  • Based on where the percentage mark will be located on the new line, enter your estimated value in the box, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Now move the blue diamond to where your estimated value is on the line.
  • Enter the value again inside the box and press the Enter key.
  • Continue to practice.
  • To practice at a different level , click , make the selection, and follow the same steps as above.

Activity #2

Find what Percent a number is of Another.

  • Use the app below this one to model & solve the problem displayed here. After doing so, enter your answer rounded to the nearest $0.01 or 0.01%, or 2 decimal places.

Use this app if you need assistance.

Activity #3

Exercises on Percentage

  • Read carefully the information below and solve the problems that follow.

A school held several evening activities last month—a music concert, a basketball game, a drama play, and literacy night. The music concert was attended by 250 people. How many people came to each of the other activities?

(1.) Attendance at a basketball game was 30% of attendance at the concert.

(2.) Attendance at the drama play was 140% of attendance at the concert.

(3.) Attendance at literacy night was 44% of attendance at the concert.

(4.) 50% of the people who attended the drama play also attended the music concert. What percentage of the people who attended the music concert also attended the drama play?

Quiz Time