Converting Units


Activity #1

Converting Metric Units

  • Read the problem and solve it on a sheet of paper. Click “show Hint” if you need help.
  • Then enter your answer in the box.
  • Click “How Did I Do?”
  • Click “Try Another”.

Activity #2

More Exercises on Metric Conversion

  • Read the problem and solve it on a sheet of paper.
  • Choose your answer and click “How Did I Do?”.
  • Click “Try Another”.

Activity #3

Application of Unit Conversion

  • Read the questions below carefully and answer them. Explain your reasoning.

A veterinarian uses weights in kilograms to figure out what dosages of medicines to prescribe for animals. For every 10 kilograms, there are 22 pounds. Calculate the animal’s weight in kilograms and explain your reasoning in the following;

(1.) Fido the Labrador weighs 88 pounds.

(2.) Spot the Beagle weighs 33 pounds.

(3.) Bella the Chihuahua weighs pounds.

Diego is trying to follow a recipe, but he cannot find any measuring cups! He only has a tablespoon. In the cookbook, it says that 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons. How could Diego use the tablespoon to measure out the ingredient in the following?

(1.) cup of almonds.

(2.) cups of oatmeal.

(3.) cups of flour.

Quiz Time