Benchmark Percentages


In the following warmup exercise, you are going to solve each problem on the card mentally before you click on to see the answer. After that, click to move forward. You can use to navigate backward.

Activity #1

Find the Number when the percentage is given.

  • To begin, check the box Word Problem.
  • Read the question and spend some time trying to understand what you are asked to do. The rectangle on the left is giving you a visual representation of the problem.​
  • f you cannot still figure out what to do, check the box Math Interpretation. The problem is presented in algebraic language. you can either solve for the unknown value, or check the box Solve for “w”. ​
  • Click  to keep practicing.

Activity #2

Explore Benchmark Percentages

Match the percentage that describes the relationship between each pair of numbers. One percentage will be left over. Explain your reasoning.

Activity #3

Calculate a Percentage Value.

With the help of the diagram below, explain how you can calculate each value mentally:

(1). 9 is 50% of what number?

(2). 9 is 25% of what number?

(3). 9 is 10% of what number?

(4). 9 is 75% of what number?

(5). 9 is 150% of what number?

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Lin and Andre start walking toward each other at the same time from opposite ends of 22-mile walking trail. Lin walks at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour. Andre walks at a speed of 3 miles per hour. Below is a table showing the distances traveled and how far apart Lin and Andre were over time.

Challenge #3

Explain how to calculate these three mentally:

(1). 15 is what percentage of 30?

(2). 3 is what percentage of 12?

(3). 6 is what percentage of 10?