Points on the Number Line


Activity #1

Read Temperature Values on a Thermometer.

Here are five thermometers. The first four thermometers show temperatures in Celsius. The last thermometer is missing some numbers.

  • Use the thermometers below to answer the questions that follow.

Activity #2

Create your own number line. 

If you need help completing this activity, you can pause the exercise and watch the video clip below before proceeding.

  • Use the Line tool to draw a horizontal line. Always remember to click on to deselect an action before proceding to a new action.
  • Mark a point in the middle area of the line with the Point tool and label it 0.​
  • Use or to hide or delete all other labels.
  • To the right of 0, continue using to make marks that are 1 unit apart. Label the tick marks 1, 2, 3. . . 10. This represents the positive side of your number line.​
  • Click on the reflector tool and highlight all points on the other side of 0.​
  • Click on O to mark points on the negative side of 0.
  • Label the tick marks -1, -2, -3. . . -10. This represents the negative side of your number line.​
  • Then use your number line to answer the questions below. ​

​Use your number line to answer these questions:

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Drag each point to its proper place on the number line. Use your observations in order to answer the questions below the applet.

Quiz Time