Points on the Coordinate Plane


Name the coordinates of the points on the graph below.

Activity #1

Introduction to Cartesian Coordinate System.

  • Click in the applet below.
  • Follow through by clicking in the subsequent windows to understand the development of the cartesian coordinate system.

Activity #2

Locating Points on the Coordinate Plane.

The colored points on the coordinate plane are target points for you to locate. Follow the instructions below..

  • Hit each point by entering its coordinates as an ordered pair in the Input Bar, like this: (1,3). The Input bar is at the bottom left.

(1.) What do you notice about the locations and ordered pairs of B, C, and D?

(2.) How are they different from those for point A?

(3.) Plot a point at (-2, 5). Label it E. Plot another point at (3, -4.5). Label it F.

The coordinate plane is divided into four quadrants, I, II, III, and IV, as shown here below.

The following are points on the coordiante plane; G = (5, 2), H = (-1, -5), and I = (7, -4).

Activity #3

Locate a Point on the Coordinate axes.

  • Press “New Problem” to start a new problem. ​
  • Draw the blue dot to the indicated point. ​
  • Once you think your point is in the correct spot, check your answer by pressing “Check Answer.” If it is incorrect, it will say Try Again. ​
  • Try dragging the point to the correct spot. If it is correct, it will say Great Job! 
  • Then, you can try a new problem!
  • Graph at least ten points before quitting this activity. Remember, in an ordered pair such as (-4, 7) the first number represents movement on the X axis and the second number represents movement on the Y axis. X first Y second. You got this!

Challenge #1

In the applet below is an image of an archery target on a coordinate plane . The scores for landing an arrow in the colored regions are:

  • Yellow: 10 points
  • Red: 8 points
  • Blue: 6 points
  • Green: 4 points
  • White: 2 points

Name the coordinates for a possible landing point to score:

  1. 6 points
  2. 10 points
  3. 2 points
  4. No points
  5. 4 points
  6. 8 points

Type the coordinates for each point in a separate line, using parentheses. (Replace the question marks for the coordinates of each point.)

Challenge #2

See how quickly you can find five target coordinates by dragging the red point to its target location. As soon as you locate a point correctly, the next point to locate pops up immediately. It is a timed exercise. Try to beat your own record!

Challenge #3

(1.) Write the coordinates of each point.

(2.) Graph these points in the coordinate plane: (-2, 3), (2, 3), (-2, -3), (2, -3).

Quiz Time