Comparing Positive and Negative Numbers


Activity #1

Compare Fractions.

  • Drag each point to its proper place on the number line.
  • Use your observations to help answer the questions that follow.

(1.) Andre says that  is less than – because, of the two numbers,  is closer to 0. Do you agree? Explain your reasoning.

Activity #2

Practice Using “Less Than” or “Greater Than” to Compare Numbers.

  • Compare the positions on the numbers on the line.
  • Type the inequality sign “<”  or  “>”  into the box that makes a true statement.​
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard. If you prefer to swap the two digits, you can do so.
  • Click for new values of A and B.

Activity #3

Plot Rational Numbers on a Number Line.

Here below are the low temperatures, in degrees Celsius, for a week in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Plot the temperatures on a number line.

Which day of the week had the lowest low temperature?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -62 degrees Celsius, in Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska. The average temperature on Mars is about -55 degrees Celsius.

(1.) Which is warmer, the coldest temperature recorded in the USA, or the average temperature on Mars? Explain how you know.

(2.) Write an inequality to show your answer.

Challenge #1

Here is a true statement: -8.7 < -8.4 . Select all of the statements that are equivalent to -8.7 < -8.4 .

Challenge #2

Decide whether each inequality statement is true or false.

Challenge #3

Decide whether each inequality statement is true or false.

Quiz Time