Solving More Ratio Problems

This is a timed exercise. Click the “Easy Mode” button to start. Then move on to “Hard Mode“.


Sharing an Amount.

  • Use the sliders to specify the desired ratio. ​
  • Also enter the amount to be shared in the Input box. ​
  • Use the check boxes to establish the value of one share and hence the value of each ratio-part.


Use one of Three ways to solve Ratio problem.

Consider the problem: A teacher is planning a class trip to the aquarium. The aquarium requires 2 chaperones for every 15 students. The teacher plans accordingly and orders a total of 85 tickets.

How many tickets are for chaperones, how many for students? Solve this problem in one of three ways:

(1). Use a triple number line.

(2). Use a Table (Fill rows as needed)

(3). Use a Tape Diagram.

Which of the Three methods do you prefer? Explain why.


Solving Ratio problem.

(A). There are some nickels, dimes, and quarters in a large piggy bank. For every 2 nickels there are 3 dimes. For every 2 dimes there are 5 quarters. There are 500 coins total.

(1). How many nickels, dimes, and quarters are in the piggy bank? Explain your reasoning.

(2). How much are the coins in the piggy bank worth?

(B). Two horses start a race at the same time. Horse A gallops at a steady rate of 32 feet per second and Horse B gallops at a steady rate of 28 feet per second. After 5 seconds, how much farther will Horse A have traveled? Explain or show your reasoning.

Andre paid $13 for 3 books. Diego bought 12 books priced at the same rate. How much did Diego pay for the 12 books? Explainyour reasoning.


Use the digits 1 through 9 to create three equivalent ratios. Use each digit only one time.


A recipe for salad dressing calls for 4 parts oil for every 3 parts vinegar. How much oil should you use to make a total of 28 teaspoons of dressing? Explain your reasoning. If you get stuck, consider drawing a double number line, table, or tape diagram.


Andre and Han are moving boxes. Andre can move 4 boxes every half hour. Han can move 5 boxes every half hour. How long will it take Andre and Han to move all 72 boxes? Explain your reasoning.