Solving Equivalent Ratio Problems


Activity #1

Find Equivalent Ratios to a Given Ratio.

  • Check the “Pattern 1” box to see the ratio of red to blue beads. Note that the ratio is in the simplest form. The beads are also represented on a line. Now, we want to find an equivalent ratio using the orange and green beads down below.
  • Check the “Pattern 2” box. A ratio of 1:1 is displayed. To choose another ratio that is equivalent to 1:2, use located at the bottom right corner.
  • As soon as you get an equivalent ratio, you are greeted with a smile.
  • Use the same at the top right to change the original ratio and follow the steps again. Have fun!
  • Answer the following questions.

Activity #2

Find Equivalent Ratios to a Given Ratio on a Graph.

  • Move thereveal slider in the applet below to the right to see the ratios that are equivalent to 1 : 2. At the end of the bar, a striaght line links all the points in the graph.​
  • Now, use the two other sliders to change the ratio and repeat the step above. When equivalent ratios are graphed, they form a straight line through the origin. The applet demonstrates that fact.

Do you agree that all points on the line will be equivalent ratios? Explain why you think so.

Activity #3

Create Equivalent Ratios from a Diagram.

  • Follow the instructions in the box below.

Quiz Time