Part-Part-Whole Ratios


Activity #1

Part-Part-Whole Ratios.

  • Enter a ratio in the applet below to start. The first number should be entered in the upper left box, and the second in the lower left box.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard, then click the Nextbutton. The tape diagram is displayed (see the upper right corner). The default is “tape diagram 1.”
  • You can also change the view to tape diagram 2 at the top right corner, or draw your own tape diagram.
  • Click the “text” box to see the description.
  • Then, clickNew ratioat the bottom left corner.
  • You can choose or and continue.

Activity #2

Find a Quantity when Part of the Ratio is given.

  • Click on the “Question” box if you wish to use a provided question. ​
  • Adjust the first slider to the sum of the ratio. ​
  • Adjust the second slider (Number of red parts) to the appropriate number of red parts in the question. ​
  • In the box, type the amount of red balls given.  ​
  • Check the “Part value” box to show what each part is worth. ​
  • Click on “Total” box to show the value of the whole. ​
  • Click on “Ratio value 2” box. ​
  • Check the solution if you used the provided question by clicking on “Solution” box. ​
  • Click the  button to start again and get a new question.

Activity #3

Representing Ratios Using Snap Cubes.

  • Read the story below and complete the activity.

A recipe for maroon paint says, “Mix 5 ml of red paint with 3 ml of blue paint.” Imagine you use snap cubes to represent the amounts of red and blue paint in the recipe. Draw a sketch of this snap-cube representation of the maroon paint.

  • Answer the questions below concerning the recipe.

(1.) What amount does each cube represent?

(2.) How many milliliters of maroon paint will there be?

(3.) Suppose each cube represents 2 ml. How much of each color paint is there?

Red: ______ml Blue: ______ml Maroon:______ml

(4.) Suppose each cube represents 5 ml. How much of each color paint is there?

Red: ______ml Blue: ______ml Maroon:______ml

(5.) Suppose you need 80 ml of maroon paint. How much red and blue paint would you mix?

Red: ______ml Blue: ______ml Maroon: 80ml

(6.) If the original recipe is for one batch of maroon paint, how many batches are in 80 ml of maroon paint?

Quiz Time