Introducing Ratios and Ratio Language


Activity #1

Explore Ratio Visualizer

  • Move the slider to create the ratio table in the spreadsheet view. It will expand vertically to show rows, but not horizontally. ​
  • Increase the number of circles and squares and repeat.

Activity #2

Describing Ratios in Collections.

How good are you in colors? Look at the different colors below, can you name them all? Your ability to differentiate them is important in this exercise because you’re going to use them to answer the questions. Read the instructions.

  • Study the collection of the objects below and complete sentences that describe their ratios.​

Activity #3

Find the Missing Part When Part of a Ratio is Given.

When part of a ratio is given, the applet below will give you steps on how to find the missing part. Check that out.

  • Click in the question box to begin. ​
  • Add the given ratio and then adjust the “Number of parts” slider to the sum. ​
  •  In the “Ratio value“, enter the given number of red balls. 
  •  Adjust the “Number of red parts” slider at the bottom to the number of red balls given in the ratio. ​
  •  Check the “Part value* box to see how the balls are distributed. ​
  •  Check the “Ratio value 2” box to see the missing number.
  • Click “Reset” to get a new question.

Quiz Time