Tables, Equations, and Graphs


Activity #1

Does the Table Show a Direct Variation?

In the following activity, you are going to interact with an applet that has a table of values between two quantities. Follow the instructions below to guide you in the activity.

  • Study the table of values below between x and y and decide if they form a direct variation or not.
  • Check the appropriate box, and click on to continue.
  • Do as many problem as time allows you to master this concept.

Activity #2

Draw Graphs from Equations.

In the following activity, you are going to construct a table of values from a linear equation, and then use the values to draw a graph. Follow the instructions below to guide you. If you need help at any point, pause and watch the short video clip below.

  • Complete the table of values below.​
  • When the values are all correct, a grid and points will appear on the right.​
  • Drag the points onto the coordinate plane to transfer the points on the table. If part of the plane is out of view, click and drag it into view.​
  • Use the Line tool to connect the points. ​
  • Click
  • Click to attempt a new problem.

Activity #3

Match Equations with Tables.

In the following final activity in this unit, you are going to match an equation with a table. Each equation below represents the same relationship with only one table.

  • Match each equation with the appropriate table. Click and drag the equation to the table.

In the previous exercise, you matched equations and tables.

  • Copy the values from the table that matched your assigned equation into the first 3 rows of this table below of independent and dependent variables.
  • Make sure to label what each column represents.

(1.) Select one of the first 3 rows of the table and explain what those values mean in this situation.

(2.) Use your equation to find the values that complete the last 2 rows of the table. Explain your reasoning.

  • Create a graph below that represents this relationship. Make sure to label your axes.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

The graph shows the time in hours it takes Riley to print T-shirts for her school’s math club.

(3.) Explain.

(6.) Graph the points and make a line that passes through all six points.

(8.) Explain.

Quiz Time