Staying in Balance


Activity #1

 Find the Unknown Value by Adding Weights to a Scale.

In this activity, you are going to work with a scale balance by adding quantities to create equations and solve them. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Use the buttons on both sides of the scale to add the quantities(bags and numbers). ​​
  • Just click on an object and it will be loaded. You do not have to drag. In case you want to remove an excess item, use the corresponding Remove button which will become activated when there is a load of that kind on the scale balance.

Hint: Use for m, and for number.

Activity #2

 Match equations Using Letters and Numbers.

  • Drag the x(s) and dots in and out of the blue boxes below to match the given equations. ​
  • Check the New problem box to do another question.

Activity #3

 Match Equations with Hangers.

  • Read the incomplete equation on the question slide.
  • Figure out what is missing.
  • Choose the letter from the hanger that will complete the equation.

​​ In each case, find a solution to the equation, and use the hanger to explain what the solution means.

  • Examine the hanger below and choose the equation that represents it.

​​ Explain your answer.

Challenge #1

The system above is balanced. Andre says x is 7 because he can move the two 1s to the other side to add to 5. Do you agree with Andre? Explain your reasoning.

Challenge #2



(1.) Write an equation to represent the hanger above.

(2.) Explain how to reason with the hanger to find the value of.

(3.) Explain how to reason with the equation to find the value of.

Challenge #3

Quiz Time