Equivalent Exponential Expressions


Attempt to simplify the expression before checking on the answer. Click to continue.

Activity #1

Investigating Equivalent Expressions.

In this activity, you are going to interact with the applet below to investigate the value of expressions with exponents . Spend as much time as possible on this activity in other to consolidate your knowledge of equivalent expressions.

  • Start by moving the slider to the left to choose -5 as the value for.
  • Take note of the value of the expression on the left, and the value of the expression on the right.
  • Now, move the slider progressively until you reach 0 as you continue to take note of the value of the expressions.
  • Continue to move the slider until you get to 5.

How do the expressions on the left hand side compare with the expressions on the right hand side?

Activity #2

Match Equations to Answers.

In this exercise, you are going to find a solution to each equation in the list. Numbers in the list on the right may be an answer to more than one equation, and not all numbers in the list will be used.

  • Solve the problem first in order to have the right answer.
  • Drag the answer from the list and match with the equation.

  • Match each equation to its solution.

Activity #3

Exercise Questions.

This exercise is meant to test your ability to simplify exponential expressions at given points. Just plug in the given values into the expressions and simplify.

  • Fill in the missing numbers in the table below.

Evaluate the expression for the given value of x.

(1.) 3² when is 10.

(2.) 3² when is .

(3.) when is 4.

(4.) when is .

(5.) 9⁷ when is .

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

Decide if the expressions have the same value. If not, determine which expression has the larger value.

Quiz Time