Using an Algorithm to Divide Fractions


Activity #1

Division Algorithm of Fractions.

  • Enter the fractions you wish to divide and press the Enter key. They must be proper fractions. ​
  • If they do not share a common denominator, you will need to identify a common denominator. ​
  • Check the boxes that appear to help visually see how the division of the fractions occur. ​
  • At the bottom, use the visualization to help you state the quotient. You will receive feedback about your solution.​
  • Click the reset button  to keep practicing.

Challenge #1

Divide whole numbers – 2-digit divisors 

After biking miles, Jada has traveled of the length of her trip. How long (in miles) is the entire length of her trip? Write an equation to represent the situation, and then find the answer.

Challenge #2

Evaluate the following expression and choose the correct answer below.

Challenge #3

Complete the statement below.

Challenge #4