Meaning of Division


Activity #1

Understanding Division.

Many students have trouble with division; in the most part because the concept isn’t well understood. Some might have been absent from school on the critical day it was explained. In the simplest term, Division is counting how many times you can subtract a number (divisor) from another number (dividend) until the remainder is smaller than the number that is subtracting. The number of times you can subtract is called the quotient, and what is left over, is called the remainder.

  • Allow yourself to get familiar with the parts of a division problem. ​
  • Uncheck the Start button to see how division is expressed as subtracting the Divisor until the result is zero. ​
  • Click to explore.
  • Check the box ” Sub as Add” to see subtraction as a process of adding the opposite of a number.

Activity #2

Meaning of Division.

  • Enter a divisor that is a whole number not greater than 10. ​
  • Enter a dividend that is also a whole number between 10 and 100. ​
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Take note of the values of Q and R. ​
  • Click on “Show model”. ​
  • Click “Reset” to enter new numbers.

Activity #3

Understanding Division by sharing into groups.

In this exercise of choosing two numbers to divide, they should both be positive whole numbers. The first number should be larger than the second number.

  • Enter two positive whole numbers and press the Enter key.
  • Click .
  • Check the first box to see division as a quotative process. Quotative in Math means to “divide a number into groups of a measured quantity”.
  • Check the second box to see division as a partitive process . Partitive in Math means to “share equally“.
  • Click to refresh.
  • Enter new numbers to divide and repeat the steps.

Quiz Time

Divide whole numbers and fractions using models