Fractional Lengths


Exploring Fractional Lengths.

Use the rapplet below to answer the questions that follow.

(1). How many centimeters long is 3 inches? Show your reasoning.

(2). What fraction of an inch is 1 centimeter? Show your reasoning.


Write Multiplication & Division Equations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends a certain amount of nutrient intake per day called the “daily value.” Food labels usually show percentages of the daily values for several different nutrients—calcium, iron, vitamins, etc.

Consider the problem: In cup of oatmeal, there is of the recommended daily value of iron. What fraction of the daily recommended value of iron is in 1 cup of oatmeal? Write a multiplication equation and a division equation to represent the question using the space below.


Draw Tape Diagrams to Solve Fraction Problems.

(1). What fraction of is ? Draw a tape diagram to represent and answer the question. Use the graph paper below if needed.

(2). Noah says, “There are groups of in 2.” Do you agree with him? Draw a tape diagram to show your reasoning. Use graph paper below, if needed.


A zookeeper is . A young giraffe in his care is .

(1). What fraction of the giraffe’s height is the zookeeper’s height? 

(2). How many times as tall as the zookeeper is the giraffe?


The photo below shows a situation that involves fractions. Complete the sentences. Be prepared to explain your reasoning.

(1). The length of the long tube is about ______ times the length of a short tube.

(2). The length of a short tube is about ______ times the length of the long tube.

(3). If the length of the long paper roll is  inches, what is the length of each short paper roll?