Squares and Cubes


Activity #1

Surface Area Review

In this activity, you are going to use the applet below to review the fundamental concept of surface area.

  • Set the upper slider to L = 1. ​
  • Note the number of squares in the box. ​
  • Move the slider to L = 2 and move the second slider to the right. ​
  • Note the number of squares in the box. ​
  • Continue to repeat the steps until L = 10.
  • Answer the questions below.

Activity #2

 Compare the Area of a Rectangle and a Square.

Use the applet below to make a comparison between area of a square and that of a rectangle.

  • Use the Ruler or Distance tool to compare the side lengths of the figures.​ Use the red spot on the ruler to rotate it.
  • Use the Angle tool  to verify if the angles are 90 degrees (measure angles in the counter-clockwise direction.)​
  • Use the parallel line tool  to verify that the opposite sides are parallel.

Activity #3

Build a Cube from Unit Cubes.

Use the 32 snap cubes in the applet’s hidden stack to build the largest single cube you can. Each small cube has side length of 1 unit.

  • Create 32 cubes from the single cube in the applet below.
  • Use the created cubes to build the largest cube that you can.
  • Then answer the questions below.
  • Answer the questions below.

(1.) How many snap cubes did you use?

(2.) What is the side length of the cube you built?

(3.) What is the area of each face of the built cube? Show your reasoning in the applet below.

(4.) What is the volume of the built cube? Show your reasoning.

Quiz Time

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