Activity #1

What are Polygons? 

In this exercise, you are going to pick polygons from all the shapes. Then answer the set of questions that follow. You can use any resources that you can lay hands on, if you need help.

  • Circle figures that are polygons. The pen tool is found under .
  • Answer the questions below.

Activity #2

Sort out Polygons from Non-Polygons.

In the questions set below, you are going to sort out polygons from non-polygons, and answer the questions that follow.

Activity #3

 Find the Area of Polygons.

In the following activity, you are going to find the area of each figure by the number of unit squares that covers the entire surface. The unit square is colored pink in the applet below, and covers an area of 1 square unit. Just follow the instructions to complete this activity.

  • ​Click in each figure to fill it with unit squares.
  • ​Find the area by counting the squares.
  • Do the following exercise about the activity you’ve just completed.

Quiz Time

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