Bases and Heights of Triangles


Draw one triangle with an area of 12 square units. Try to draw a non-right triangle.

Explain how you know the area of your triangle is 12 square units.

Activity #1

Construct the Height That Corresponds to the Given Base of a Triangle. 

In the following activity, you are going to construct the height of a triangle when the base is given. In the three applets, are copies of the same triangle. Each triangle is rotated so that the side chosen as the base is at the bottom and is horizontal. The drawings don’t have to be accurate.

  • Use and to sketch a height that corresponds to each base below. Make sure to label the diagrams.

  • Use to draw a line segment to show the height for the chosen base in each triangle.
  • Answer the following questions.

Challenge #1

Where is the height located on each figure below for the given base?

Quiz Time