Area of Triangles


Activity #1

 Investigate the Different Types of Triangles.

Triangles are classified as follows:

Based on their sides, we have; Equilateral triangle, Isosceles triangle, Scalene triangle. Based on their angles, we have; Acute-angled triangle also called Acute triangles, Obtuse-angled triangle also called Obtuse triangle, and Right-angled triangle also called Right triangle. Check that out on the applet below.

  • Move any vertex of the triangle below to see different types triangles. ​
  • Observe the descriptions of the different triangles that pop up.
  • Answer the questions below.

Activity #2

 Estimate the Area of a Triangle.

  • Find the estimated area of the triangle below by counting the enclosed squares. Hint: Count only squares that have most part enclosed within the figure.

Quiz Time

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