More Estimating Probabilities


Activity #1

Explore Probability Table.

  • Attempt the problems before checking on the answers.
  • The table gives you up to six data sets, and you can use the Seed slider to change the numbers for extra practice.

Activity #2

Calculate Probability.

  • Read the problem in the applet below.
  • Enter your answer as a fraction and then click .
  • Then, click to continue.

Challenge #1

Design a spinner that has a 2/3 probability of landing on the number 3. Precisely draw this spinner.

Challenge #2

Andre picks a block out of a bag 60 times and notes that 43 of them were green.

(1.) What should Andre estimate for the probability of picking out a green block from this bag?

(2.) Mai looks in the bag and sees that there are 6 blocks in the bag. Should Andre change his estimate based on this information? If so, what should the new estimate be? If not, explain your reasoning.

Quiz Time