Larger Populations


Activity #1

Practice Exercise Questions on Compound Events.

  • Work on the exercise below. When done with the easy level, click on the down arrow and select medium level for a larger sample space.

Activity #2

Exercise Questions.

  • Read the story below and use the data to answer the questions.

A school’s art club holds a bake sale on Fridays to raise money for art supplies. Here are the number of cookies they sold each week in the fall and in the spring:

fall 20 26 25 24 29 20 19 19 24 24 spring 19 27 29 21 25 22 26 21 25 25

spring 19 27 29 21 25 22 26 21 25 25

(1.) Find the mean number of cookies sold in the fall and in the spring.

The MAD for the fall data is 2.8 cookies. The MAD for the spring data is 2.6 cooki

(2.) Express the difference in means as a multiple of the larger MAD.

(3.) Based on this data, do you think that sales were generally higher in the spring than in the fall?

Challenge #1

A school is selling candles for a fundraiser. They keep 40% of the total sales as their commission, and they pay the rest to the candle company.

How much money must the school pay to the candle company?

Challenge #2

If 6 coins are flipped, find the probability that there is at least 1 heads.

Quiz Time