Solving Problems about Percent Increase or Decrease


Activity #1

 Solve Problems on Percentage Increase

  • Calculate the percentage increase below before you click on “Show/Hide” to see the solution.
  • Then click on “New Problem”.

Activity #2

 Find the Price(Original or Final) When the Percentage Change is Known.

  • Solve as many random generated percent questions as possible in order to master this concept.​
  • Round your answers to the nearest hundredth (0.01) if necessary. ​
  • When you enter a correct value at any time and press the Enter key, you will see a big CORRECT!!!  sign appear. ​
  • If you don’t see this sign appear, go back and check your work.​
  • Do not enter a $ or % symbol in the green input box. If you do, the applet will not be able to indicate if you entered a correct value.​

Activity #3

 Exercise Questions.

  • Read each story below and answer the questions that follow.

(1.) A store is having a sale where all shoes are discounted by 20%. Diego has a coupon for $3 off of the regular price for one pair of shoes. The store first applies the coupon and then takes 20% off of the reduced price. If Diego pays $18.40 for a pair of shoes, what was their original price before the sale and without the coupon?

(2.) Before the sale, the store had 100 pairs of flip flops in stock. After selling some, they notice that  of the flip flops they have left are blue. If the store has 39 pairs of blue flip flops, how many pairs of flip flops (any color) have they sold?

(3.) When the store had sold   of the boots that were on display, they brought out another 34 pairs from the stock room. If that gave them 174 pairs of boots out, how many pairs were on display originally?

Challenge #1

An item costs dollars and then a 20% discount is applied.

Challenge #2

Complete each sentence with the word discount, deposit, or withdrawal.

Challenge #3

Solve the equation you choose and explain what the solution means in the situation.

Quiz Time