Different Options for Solving One Equation


Activity #1

 Compare two Methods to Solve One Equation.

  • Read the equation below.
  • Follow the different methods used in solving them, and answer the questions that follow.

Lin and Noah are solving the equation

Lin starts by using the distributive property. Noah starts by dividing each side by 7.

(1.) Show what Lin’s full solution methods might look like.

(2.) Show what Noah’s full solution methods might look like.

(3.) What is the same about their methods?

(4.) What is different about their methods?

Activity #2

 Solve Equation Using Different Methods.

  • Solve the problems in the applet below using different methods.
  • Click on “SHOW MATHEMATICAL THINKING” to explore the methods.

Activity #3

 Solve Equation Using Different Methods.

  • For each equation below, try to solve it using each method. That is, dividing each side first, or applying the distributive property first.
  • Some equations are easier to solve by one method than the other. When that is the case, stop doing the harder method and write down the reason you stopped.

(i.) 2,000(– 0.03) = 6,000

(ii.) 2(+ 1.250 = 3.5

(iii.) (4 + ) =

(iv.) -10(– 1.7) = -3

(v.) 5.4 = 0.3(+ 8)

Challenge #1

Solve the equation below.

Challenge #2

Select all expressions that represent a correct solution to the equation

Challenge #3

Three students each attempted to solve the equation  but got different solutions. Here are their methods.

Do you agree with any of their methods, and why?

Quiz Time