Dealing with Negative Numbers


Try to beat your own record to solve two-step equations with no fractions!

Activity #1

 Locate Negative Numbers on a Number Line.

The point, P, is located on the number line.

  • Use the colored circles to locate the new positions described. You will see a comment when you find the correct location.
  • When done, click on for new problem.

Activity #2

 Compare Equation Solutions.

Here are some equations that all have the same solution.

  • Study the equations and answer the proceeding questions.

(1.) Explain how you know that each equation has the same solution as the previous equation.

(2.) Start with the equation  -5 = x. Do the same thing to each side at least three times to create an equation that has the same solution as the starting equation.

Activity #3

 Explore Addition and Subtracted of Directed numbers.

In the applet below, 2 numbers have been selected by default; -2 and 8. No operation (+ or -) has been chosen. Before you choose an operation, follow the instructions below.

  • Using the slider, move the first number, a, to the left or right. ​You will see a move along the x-axis. Then the number, 8 is added or subtracted.
  • Using the slider, move the second number, b, to the left or right. ​The number will be added or subtracted from 2.
  • To explore only addition OR subtraction, check the box you want on or off.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Match each story below to an equation in the answer choices.

Challenge #3

Select all the equations that match the diagram.

Quiz Time