Combining Like Terms (Part 2)


Activity #1

 Simplify Algebraic Expressions.

  • Simplify each expression in the applet below and enter your answer in the box.
  • Spend time in this exercise to master the concept.

Activity #2

 Simplify Algebraic Expressions.

  • Move the sliders to create the answers for your simplified expression. The first three sliders set the coefficients of the terms in x. The last slider chooses the value of the constant term. If your answer is correct, you’ll see .
  • Click to continue.
  • Spend as much time as you possibly can on this activity, in other to master this topic.

Activity #3

  Collecting Like Terms

  • Move each expression in the right corner of the applet below so that the like-terms are in the same column.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Diego was taking a math quiz. There was a question on the quiz that had the expression  Diego’s teacher told the class there was a typo and the expression was supposed to have one set of parentheses in it.

(1.) Where could you put parentheses in to make a new expression that is still equivalent to the original expression? How do you know that your new expression is equivalent?

(2.) Where could you put parentheses in to make a new expression that is not equivalent to the original expression? List as many different answers as you can.

Challenge #3

Some students are trying to write an expression with fewer terms that is equivalent to

Follow the steps that each student used to simplify the expression and answer the questions that follow.

(1.) Do you agree with any of them? Explain your reasoning.

(2.) For each strategy above that you disagree with, find and describe the errors.

Quiz Time