Subtracting Rational Numbers


Answer as many questions as possible in this exercise.

Activity #1

Complete a Table.

A mountaineer is changing elevations. See table below.

  • Study the table and complete it. The first one has been done for you.

Which of the expressions below represents the difference between the final elevation and beginning elevation.

Fill in the table below so that every row and every column sums to 0.

Can you find another way to solve this puzzle?

Activity #2

Arrange Fractions on a Number Line.

  • Arrange the fractions on the number line below. For assistance, you can check the boxes to insert tick marks between the numbers.

Activity #3

Complete a Table.

  • Find the value of each subtraction expression below and fill in the table.

(1). What do you notice about the expressions in Column A compared to Column B?

(2). What do you notice about their values?

Challenge #1

Write a sentence to answer the question:

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

Quiz Time