Activity #1

Classify Numbers.

  • Study the numbers in the right side of the applet below and classify them by dragging into the appropriate region of the Venn Diagram​
  • When you are done, click
  • If you had it right, click on “Try Another to keep practicing.

Activity #2

Match equal Expressions.

  • Match the expressions that are equal to each other. There will be 3 cards in each group.

Activity #3

Evaluate Expressions.

  • Evaluate the expressions in one of the columns. ​
  • Evaluate the expressions on the other column. ​
  • Check to see that your answers in each row should be the same. ​
  • If your answers aren’t the same, work go over to find the error.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Clare is cycling at a speed of 12 miles per hour, and Hans is cycling at a speed of -8 miles per hour.

Challenge #3

Can you answer 40 questions in less than 4 minutes? Try!

Quiz Time