More and Less than 1%


Do as many problems as you can in this exercise.

Activity #1

Calculate Percentage by Composition.

During one waiter’s shift, he delivered appetizers, entrées, and desserts. Follow the instructions below to interact with the applet.

  • First, calculate the percentage of each food item and enter the value into the appropriate box.
  • Then, find the total and also enter that into the box. It should always be 100%.
  • Click the button to verify your answer.
  • Then click to continue.

Activity #2

Calculate Percentage of an Amount.

20% of 5,000 is 1,000 and 21% of 5,000 is 1,050.

  • Use the double number line diagram below to find each percentage of 5,000.

Activity #3

Interpret Percentage Problems.

  • Study the diagram below and answer the following questions.

  • Study the diagram below and answer the following questions.

Challenge #1

(1.) The population of City A was approximately 243,000 people, and it increased by 8% in one year.

(2.) The population of city B was approximately 7,150,000, and it decreased by 0.8% in one year.

Challenge #2

22% of 65 is 14.3.

(2.) Explain your reasoning.

Challenge #3

A certain type of car has room for 4 passengers.

(1.) Write an equation relating the number of cars to the number of passengers .

(2.) How many passengers would fit in 78 cars?

(3.) How many cars would be needed if there are 76 passengers?

Quiz Time