Creating Scale Drawings

Plan Drawing to Scale.

Here is a rough sketch of Noah’s bedroom (not a scale drawing), but he wants to create a floor plan that is a scale drawing.

The actual lengths of Wall A, Wall B, and Wall D are 2.5 m, 2.75 m, and 3.75 m.

(1). Determine how long these walls will be on Noah’s scale floor plan.

(2). Use the Point tool and the Segment tool to draw the walls of Noah’s scale floor plan in the applet.

Use a Scale Drawing tool to Find Area of Scaled Copies.

Use the slider to change the scale factor of the rectangle and complete the table.

Here is an unlabeled rectangle, followed by other quadrilaterals that are labeled. Select all quadrilaterals that are scaled copies of the unlabeled rectangle.

These triangles are scaled copies of each other.

For the following pairs of triangles, the area of the second triangle is how many times larger than the area of the first?

Triangle G and Triangle B