Calculating Slope

(1). Move the upper slider in the applet below back and forth while observing the effect on the graph? What factor is changing?

(2). Move the lower slider in the applet and observe the effect on the graph? What factor is changing?


Investigate the Concept of Slope(Rise and Run).

  • In the applet below, check “Axes”.‚Äč
  • Check “Run and Rise.”
  • Check “Values” to put in some numbers on the graph.
  • Use a red dot to rotate the line through different angle. Note as the values change.
  • Check “Slope”.


Find another Point on a Line Given the Slope and a Point.

Use the applet below for the following questions. Draw a line with the given slope through the given point, find another point that lies on that line.

What other point lies on that line?

(1). Point A, slope -3.

(2). Point A, slope = –.

(3). Point C, slope = –.

(4). Point E, slope = –.


Find the slope of a Line.

For each graph, calculate the slope of the line.

(1). Slope of A = ?

(2) Slope of B = ?

(3). Slope of C = ?

(4). From the choices below, choose the slope of the line that passes through the following points;


Make a sketch of a linear relationship with a slope of 4 and a negative y-intercept.

(1). Show or explain how you know the slope is 4.

(2). Write an equation for the line you created above.


Plot the points (1, 11) and (8, 2), and the line that passes through them.


Find the value of k so that the line passing through each pair of points has the given slope.

(1). (3, 5) and (k, 9), slope =

(2). (1, k) and (4, 1), slope = -2

(3). and , and slope = 0