No Bending or Stretching

(A). Translate Polygon A so point P goes to point P’. In the image, write in the length of each side in grid units using the pen tool.

(B). Rotate Triangle B 90 degrees clockwise using R as the center of rotation. In the image, write the measure of each angle in its interior using the pen tool.

(C). Reflect Pentagon C across l line . In the image, write the length of each side and the measure of each interior angle, in grid units, next to the corresponding side or angle.

(A). Translate the shape so that A goes to A’ .

(B). Rotate the shape 180 degrees counterclockwise around B.

(C). Reflect the shape over the line shown.

Is there a rigid transformation taking Rhombus P to Rhombus Q?

Explain how you know.

A square is made up of an L-shaped region and three transformations of the region.

If the perimeter of the square is 40 units, what is the perimeter of each L-shaped region?

Here is a grid showing triangle ABC and two other triangles. You can use a rigid transformation to take triangle ABC to one of the other triangles.

(1). Which one? Explain how you know.

(2). Describe a rigid transformation that takes triangle ABC to the triangle you selected.