About Us

                   Israel Ndifor

Certified Online Instructor & Founder of MathVideoProfessor Website.

            School systems

  • Prince Georges County Public Schools, Maryland
  • Adjunct Staff Member, (Mathematics Dept.) –  Howard Community College, Maryland

Hello all, and welcome.

          Here at MathVideoProfessor online learning, we use an e-learning platform that uses apps and simulations exclusively to perform mathematics activities that will help learners understand mathematics in a fascinating way. This will bring some life and fun as learners play around with these apps and make discoveries by themselves. The apps are only meant to SUPPLEMENT and NOT to REPLACE physical tools that learners are required to use in a traditional classroom. Unfortunately, we cannot incorporate physical tools alongside the apps in our activities. But whenever possible, we will tell you precisely what physical tools you’ll need for a particular activity. But keep in mind that a geometric toolkit essentially comprises tracing paper, graph paper, colored pencils, a pair of scissors, and index cards. 

        Now, in addition to the apps and simulations, we do provide assessment questions, graded quizzes, to test your understanding of the ideas you learn in the different tasks. So if you are having a hard time understanding your mathematics lessons in class, or have been away from the classroom for a while, which is actually what motivated the creation of this program to help learners that haven’t been in the four walls of a school building, before, during and after the pandemic, then you found the right place for help.

        Now, keep in mind that mathematics has the same content everywhere. The only difference is the language and the method that is used to teach the subject. The applications are the same – in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, people have the same attitudes towards mathematics. You are not alone. So we invite you to join us and discover what we are doing here. You’d only wish you had this opportunity earlier because mathematics is easy if what you learn makes sense to you. Right? I’m sure you already know this. Before you start this course, here’s what I got to tell you; if you are attempting an online course for the first time, do not assume that it is easier than one that is done in a school building, or that you can study online while doing something else at the same time. It is not possible.

        With online learning, as well as learning in a traditional classroom, you must be present and pay attention in order to learn. You cannot have it both ways. However, if you are committed to some other activity, either working to pay some bills, or juggling with school and family business, it is of particular importance to set yourself up for success because we have organized the course to simulate a classroom environment in which you must complete a topic and of course a unit, before moving on to the next one. You can only start a topic after completing the previous one. But the good news is that you can work at your own pace. A completed topic remains available on the website until the course is complete. At the end, the cycle is repeated. So this means you can join at any time, but again, you cannot skip a topic.

So, these are the important points we’d like that you keep in mind. Thanks for reading.