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                   Israel Ndifor

Certified Online Instructor & Founder of MathVideoProfessor Website.

            School systems

  • Prince Georges County Public Schools, Maryland
  • Adjunct Staff Member, (Mathematics Dept.) –  Howard Community College, Maryland

Before we examine the various options that we provide to our learners, let me say that our programs are offered both online and at our learning center in PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY MARYLAND. Our computers are free, but users have to follow our schedule and inform us ahead of time. We operate everyday from Monday to Friday from 12:15 pm to 9:15 pm. Weekends programs are exclusively online. Now, what ever option that the learner chooses below, registration is required. You can follow the link from the homepage of this website.




This option targets learners who are currently enrolled in a school system. As an affiliate of the IXL program, we offer an annual registration to our learners.
When a learner is registered, they have unlimited access to all Mathematics content (k -12) on the IXL website. We create a set of quizzes on the topics that were covered in school for any given week, and based on the learner’s performance in the Quizzes, we use the embedded tools to analyze and make recommendations on the areas that they need to pay more attention. If they still need help from us, then they might want to look at OPTION 2.

This option is open to both learners who are currently enrolled in a school system, and those who are not in a regular school program. Now, because some topics in Mathematics are more challenging than others, we recommend that learners seek for help with ONLY those difficult topics to save money and time.  So, for each topic that the learner needs help with, we create a lesson that is composed of the following elements;

(1.) An interactive online activity using a software (Geogebra) with steps for them to follow and discover the mathematical principles involved. This is followed by a series of questions whose answers aim at establishing what they discovered in the activity. 

(2.) A practice session to consolidate the ideas learnt.

(3.) An assessment quiz from the IXL website.
With all these accomplished, the learner should be able to solve problems without help, including their homework

This option here exclusively targets learners who are not currently enrolled in a school system.
In this option, we start by administering a series of diagnostic quizzes to determine the learner’s level in Mathematics. Then we apply OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 depending on their needs.